Elsevier Performance Manager

Student Screens and Workflows

Visual Design
User Experience
User Research

The Performance Manager is a legacy elearning and competency management product that had grown organically for many years without significant design or interaction updates. As such, it had grown increasingly cumbersome and complex. In addition, it was fairly inaccessible to any users who relied on adaptive equipment in order to use any online products.

The challange that I was given was to simplify and streamline key student elearning workflows, update the visual designs of the screens, and make recommendations to improve the scalibility of the product as well as ensure that it would be ADA 508 compliant. I analyzed the existing product and mapped out key workflows, which I validated and refined with both unternal users as well as external customers. I conducted muliple reounds of customer interviews in order to understand the current use and expectations of the product, and produced an initial analysis and set of recommendations. I worked with the technical product team in order to develop a list of requirements based on that analysis. I then began to develop wireframes, worklfows, content layouts, and then a prototype which I used in usability tests which were focused on key tasks and workflows. There were several rounds of user testing, at the end of which the designs were finalized.

The result was a federated display of all of a logged in student's assignments on a single screen, optimized for tablet and laptop use, with selected information and tasks also available on smartphone. The workflows for all primary tasks were simplified, and the time necessary for a user to go from their dashboard to finding and completing an assigned task was shortened. Critical information was identified and highlighted, the functionality of the transcript was improved, and a catalog of available elective courses was created.