Clinical Care Checklists

Visual Design
User Experience
User Research

The clinical care checklists are a component of the Elsevier Performance Manager, and are used by nurses and educators to facilitate and record the outcomes of onboarding activities, annual reviews, competency checks, skills training, and all other regular clinical education.

Elsevier Performance Manager included two different checklist features - Mosby's Skills Checklists and the Knowledge Manager - which were included when those two products were incorporated into the Performance Manager. Because there is little need for two almost but not quite identical checklist features in a single product, the task assigned to me by the Performance Manager product team was to take these different checklist features, analyze their usability, and integrate them into a single feature that could not only be used by customers of the two existing products, but would also would scale to include future products that need to include checklist functionality. In addition to the integration work, a number of new features (such as the ability to create custom grading scales) were to be introduced.

I analyzed the two existing products, including conducting user interviews and worked with the technical product team in order to develop a list of requirements based on that analysis. I developed a set of wireframes, and then a minimally-interactive prototype which I then used in usability tests which were focused on key tasks and workflows. Based on this initial user feedback I refined several of the interactions and workflows, which I took back to the users for further validation and feedback. The final feedback from customers was extremely positive, with most stating that the redesigned product represented significant improvements in design and functionality.

Once the updated page layouts and workflows had been finalized, I created pixel-perfect mockups of an updated visual design and developed a visual styleguide as well as an accessibility style guide in order to ensure section 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA level compliance.