Clinical Solutions Consolidated Platform

Visual Design
User Experience
User Research

A number of the products in the Elsevier Health Sciences Clinical Solutions product line combine both referential and competency management elements. Though closely related, all of the legacy products had been developed separately and had very different visual and interaction designs, as well as task workflows. A business decision was made to have all of the products share the same competency management administrative and learning management aspects, as well as to make them into a more visually consistent suite. The ultimate goals of the project were to rebrand the products according to new corporate guidelines, offer an improved user experience on all devices, enhance product accessibility, and improve sales.

I conducted multiple customer interviews and concept studies to explore different options for task workflows and content layout, iterating on the designs after each round of feedback. I also worked closely with product owners, developers, and other stakeholders on the product rebranding, requirements analysis, technical constraints, and business rules.

The final design was a scalable and customizable portal designed to bring the referential content lines of multiple products together with an elearning and competency management dashboard. The portal was designed using a mobile-first approach and presented key elearning and referential content on smartphones, with the full functionality optimized for tablet and desktop users.