Mosby's Home Health Care

Visual Design
User Experience
User Research

Mosby's Home Health Care combines referential materials plus elearning and competency management specifically for the home health care market. It was very successfully launched at the NAHC (National Association for Home Care) conference in Phoeniz, AZ, in October 2014.

In 2012 Elsevier began to explore the possibility of adding a home care product to the Mosby's suite of nursing products, and I was involved in the project from the beginning. I spent a lot of time talking to and observing people who worked in a number of different home care institutions in order to learn more about what their work was like: what kind of tasks they routinely performed, what inspired them, what they found difficult to deal with, what their information needs were, what kind of information sources they had access to and regularily used, and what Elsevier needed to do in order to create a home care product that people would be excited to use. All of these interactions formed the basis of a set of home health care worker personas that I developed as part of my work on this project.

Following in-depth research on the needs and wants of home health care nurses, I developed several sets of content outlines and workflow wireframes, which were then refined through additional interviews and workshops. These outlines and wireframes eventually became product mockups, which were also subjected to user analysis.

Based on user feedback, we realized that mobile access would be a key selling point, and decided to develop a desktop/laptop/tablet version of the product as well as a version that was optimized for smartphone. I worked closely with the agile teams who were involved in the development and was responsible to collaborating with the front-end developers on the HTML and CSS.