eLearning Lesson Player


Visual Design
User Experience
User Research

I oversaw the redesign of the default player used by the eLearning courses.

The design and interactions of the original player had never satisfied either internal stakeholders or external customers, so I conducted a user study to assess the current level of usability and user satisfaction with the player. I interviewed product stakeholders on their requirements and expectations for using the elearning courses in general, as well as their issues and painpoints specifically witht he current player. Part of this user study also involved a competitive analysis of other players on the market, as there was a possibility of selecting a out-of-the-box solution as opposed to developing a new solution internally.

In the end, the decision was made to develop internally, so I worked with a visual designer to develop alternative player designs based on both user and stakeholder feedback. These concepts were tested with users, some of who were selected from a pool of survey respondants for follow-up interviews in order to finalize the designs.